EagleXP Newsletter - September, 2022

Date Posted:2 September 2022 | Author: EagleXP  

Welcome to the EagleXP Newsletter - a short monthly snapshot of some things we find interesting in the world of heavy machinery, mining and construction... Enjoy! 

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  • Volvo: How to keep your wheel loader/s in top shape [blog]
  • Undercarriage: Taking care of your construction equipment [podcast]
  • Porgera (PNG): Well known mine reopens after extended break [article]
  • EV Batteries: Is Australia the next EV battery superpower?
  • Andy's Music Pick: The underrated rock band that the Dutch kept to themselves



The Maintenance Regime That Will Keep Your Volvo Wheel Loader in Top Shape [Blog]

Fortunately, this blog has absolutely nothing to do with gruelling workouts, celebrity fitness ‘secrets’ or special diets that you will likely never follow. ‘Top Shape’ for your equipment looks a little different…

Join us as we go through each of the main areas to inspect on your wheel loader and point out some of the vital parts that are essential for keeping your machine in peak condition for years to come!  

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Taking Care of Your Construction Equipment Undercarriage

Brad Humphrey and the Caterpillar experts from ‘The Contractor's Best Friend’ podcast dive into best practices for maintaining equipment undercarriage.

In this episode they explain several maintenance tasks that you should be carrying out regularly, alongside several others dependent on other factors such as job sites and material conditions.

Other than creating some eye watering costs associated with machinery downtime, do you know what else might be in store for a neglect-riddled machine?

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Porgera Gold Mine Reopens [Papua New Guinea]

Porgera Gold Mine in located in the Enga province in Papua New Guinea is poised to reopen, after closing in 2019.

The mine is the second largest of its kind in PNG and is regarded as one of the top 10 producing gold mines in the world.

The reopening of this mine has been flagged as a key contributor to the country’s foreign exchange by CEO, Robin Fleming of BSP Financial Group.

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The 'Lovechild' of Progressive 70's Rock, Yodelling and Iconic Instrumentals  

Picture this… It’s 1971, you’re sitting in a car and the song on the radio starts with a powerful electric guitar riff that has summoned your own air guitar. Out of nowhere, Dutchman, Thijs van Leer chimes in with an angelic yodel that puts all the songs from your grandmother’s German record collection to shame. If you haven’t guessed already, you are listening to ‘Hocus Pocus’ by Focus for the first time.

Hailing from Amsterdam, 4-man band 'Focus' formed in 1969, just in time to add their own work into the genre-mixing and musically experimental era that was to come. Despite their instrumental mastery as seen in hits such as 'Sylvia' and 'House of the King' the band failed to remain in the mainstream waves across the globe.  

If your Friday needs a spice up, and you're struggling to focus, why not listen to them instead?

     - your friend Andy, (from the EagleXP Warehouse)

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Is Australia the Next Battery Minerals Superpower? [Australia]

Australia is blessed with some of the most abundant stores of all essential mineral ‘ingredients’ that go into creating batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) and consumer electronics.

With high predicted growth within the global EV market, is this a strong opportunity for Australian mining companies to scale up operations and help meet the skyrocketing demand?

"EVs made up 20 per cent of sales in Europe in 2021, 15 per cent in China and 5 per cent in the US, with expectations of big jumps again this year, according to Bloomberg."

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To all those who work with machinery, please remember! Any machine can be a smoke machine if used improperly enough!


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