1.What is an OEM part?

We define an OEM part as being made in a factory that manufactures the part for the same machine manufacturer (i.e. a replacement part for a Caterpillar machine, made in the same factory as the original part for the machine was made).

It should meet the exact same fitment, appearance and performance criteria as the genuine part.


2.What is an aftermarket part?

An Aftermarket part is defined as a replacement part for the genuine part. It may come from a factory that may or may not supply to the machine manufacturer. Its performance & longevity may or may not be the same as the genuine part.

We only work with suppliers globally who have a proven track record of quality parts. All our aftermarket parts are covered by warranty.


3.How long will it take to receive my part?

The typical time to dispatch from order placement is noted on the item. If there is any change to this you will be notified immediately. Once dispatched tracking details will be supplied.

Transit time from our warehouse to our customers location may vary. If you would like us to confirm transit time from our warehouse to your location before placing an order, please get in touch.


4. Can you deliver anywhere in Australia?

Yes, we can. Even if you are located in a remote area we will find a way to get your order there!


5.Can you export globally?

Yes, this is a speciality of ours. We can export to any location throughout the world, provided there are no laws prohibiting it.


6.Do you offer warranty on parts supplied?

Yes, we do. All parts that we supply are covered by warranty and by a guarantee that they will be fit for purpose.


Have a different question? Leave an enquiry on our contact page, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.