For over 30 years, we have provided a fast and responsive procurement service for mining, civil, construction and agricultural businesses across Australia and Papua New Guinea. With an extensive range of domestic and international supplier relationships, our team has the ability to fulfil most of your ad hoc purchasing requests quickly and with competitive prices.

We have a strong capability in supplying machinery parts and components, along with sourcing and expediting all types of industrial, workshop, or civil project supplies. We also offer a financial capability to procure large orders and supply on account to qualified clients. This ensures all payments to suppliers are transacted quickly, allowing expedition and fulfilment to be as fast as possible.

All parts, components, and materials that we supply are covered by product insurance and public liability insurance as well as marine cargo insurance covering goods in transit.


End-to-end Solutions

Establishing strong domestic and international supply networks to get the most out of your procurement and purchasing operations is often more difficult than it sounds.

We can be engaged to work in synergy with your purchasing/procurement team or end users, and act as a force multiplier to boost your operations and magnify your purchasing force. We bring value to your business by helping to reduce admin overhead and allowing your internal staff to focus more closely on tasks that provide the most direct benefits for your business.

For example, we often are tasked with the sourcing & procurement of smaller ad hoc items to allow our clients purchasing team to spend valuable time focusing on more major activities such as issuing and evaluating tenders.

Our customers also gain access to our curated global supply network, boasting hundreds of manufacturers, wholesalers and importers from over 15 countries worldwide. This creates more opportunities to reduce costs and shorten lead times for important purchases.  

A selection of our range of workshop & industrial supplies can also be found on

You benefit from

  • A single point of contact for all your requirements via an experienced customer support representative.
  • Fast and responsive quoting on items using our proprietary “GoSource” system.
  • Reduced air, sea, road and rail freight and shipping costs.
  • Order consolidation
  • Purchase from any supplier where no account is held. You find it, we buy it.
  • Global supply network
  • Assistance with technical documentation and after sales support


If your business is looking to boost its productivity and procurement abilities, talk to our team over the phone or simply create a free online business account, and we will be in touch within the same business day.