EagleXP Newsletter - October, 2022

Date Posted:2 October 2022 | Author: EagleXP  

Welcome to the EagleXP Newsletter - a short monthly snapshot of some things we find interesting in the world of heavy machinery, mining and construction... Enjoy!

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  • Doosan Acquisition: Will Doosan remain orange after Hyundai acquisition? [podcast]

  • Caterpillar Stock: -17% downturn in 2022. Is CAT in trouble? [article]

  • PNG Mining: Vice President urges Government to expand exploration efforts [article]

  • Andy's Music Pick: Which band has Warehouse Andy 'bending the knee' for, this month?



Volvo Dump Trucks: Types, Pros & Cons and Spare Parts

We bet you didn’t know garbage trucks are technically a type of dump truck? Or that there are multiple varieties of dump trucks that don’t utilise hydraulic cylinders to tip their loads?

In this blog, we go through all the different types of dump trucks (specifically from Volvo) and look into which parts make up the core of these machines. If you didn’t know the two fun facts above, I guarantee you will learn something new...

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The Future of Doosan Heavy Construction Equipment

Join the guys from forconstructionpros.com on the ‘Digging Deeper’ podcast where they chat with Todd Roecker of Doosan Infracore North America about Hyundai Construction Equipment’s recent acquisition of Doosan.

Todd answers all the important questions that you want to know, such as “what colour will the equipment be now?”, “will they change their logo?” and “what does this mean for dealerships?”

If you own Doosan or Hyundai equipment, this is a ‘must-listen’ for your daily commute.

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Vice President Urges Government to Increase Mine Exploration [Papua New Guinea]

The resources industry in Papua New Guinea contributes a substantial amount to the country’s GDP (around 39%). With large decreases in productivity reported from the 2019 EITI country report, Chamber of Mines and Petroleum Vice-President, Philip Samar has urged the PNG government to increase exploration projects to safeguard the country’s economy. 

“For every 1,000 exploration prospects, only 50 will move to advanced exploration followed by only two that will move to feasibility studies and only one will become a mine."

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The Prog Rock Royalty That You Might Want to ‘Bend the Knee’ For

Next time you are admiring the musical mastery in Kanye West’s famous song ‘Power’, make sure to throw some homage to one of ‘Warehouse Andy’s’ favs from when lava lamps were the lighting mode of choice for your love shack. From the band that brought you “21st Century Schizoid Man” this month’s official recommendation is the not-so underrated band, King Crimson.

King Crimson is cited as the first progressive rock band of all time and one of the first to explode into mainstream popularity after supporting the Rolling Stones shortly before releasing their first album ‘The Court of the Crimson King’ in 1969.

As the unofficial foundation for the entire genre, these British chaps are well known for experimenting relentlessly, so much so, you can hear them incorporating all sorts of medieval, classical, blues, jazz and funk sounds  (just to name a few) into their songs throughout their discography.

If you are looking to break the mould with your casual listening while keeping the intensity and riffs perpetual, “click that link below, pal!"

-your friend Andy (from the EagleXP Warehouse) 



Is Caterpillar in Trouble? [Machinery]

CAT Stock (NYSE: CAT) is down -17% in 2022 and have experienced a -12% fall in new retail business. With the downturn being blamed predominantly on major supply chain disruptions for parts and components, does Caterpillar have a chance to recoup their losses in the second half of the year?

The company is often used as a wellbeing indicator for the entire industry and with a combination of recession and continued semiconductor shortages expected, competitors are sure to feel the pressure also.    

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