EagleXP Newsletter - November, 2022

Date Posted:9 November 2022 | Author: EagleXP  

Welcome to the EagleXP Newsletter - a short monthly snapshot of some things we find interesting in the world of heavy machinery, mining and construction... Enjoy!

  • Rio Tinto: Automated 'mosquito' fleets replace manual haul trucks in the Pilbara [article]
  • Caterpillar Parts: Do you think you can land a ball on a moving golf green [video]
  • Heavy Equipment: Experience director of equipment shares his fleet management tips [podcast]
  • Andy's Music Pick: It only took two newsletters before we broke the rules [music]


CAT Trials: Driving Range - 2 Mins

If you weren't already aware, each year Caterpillar conducts a trial with an assortment of their machines. Note: take the word 'trial' with a pinch of salt...

This usually involves their marketing team staging a demonstration of what is probably the most unproductive use cases of their best machinery. Nonetheless, the result is a series of highly amusing short videos that always gets you thinking, "what else could they use these for".

In this video, watch a pro golfer attempt to land a ball on a moving the green, sitting on top of several moving dump trucks. 

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Heavy Equipment Fleet Management Tips | In the Dirt - 60 mins

In this month’s podcast recommendation, we hear Mack Plovie from the ‘In the Dirt’ podcast chat in depth with Greg Baher, Director of Equipment at Whissel Contracting Ltd about what he has learnt over his career in heavy equipment fleet management.

From sourcing expertise in unlikely places to his strategy around choosing OEM vs. aftermarket parts, Greg reflects on his career and leaves some gold to be discovered (or perhaps mined?) for those working in fleet management or similar industries.

Tune in for a great chat and some ‘refreshing’ Canadian accents.

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Understanding the Core Parts of Your Hyundai Wheel Loader - 4 mins

If you work with heavy equipment, you are already well aware of the sheer number of parts and components that actually go into a single wheel loader. Not to mention the complexity involved in repairing, replacing and testing each of the core areas.

In this article, we cover what each of the core parts of a Hyundai wheel loader are and what their function is. This context is key to understanding how to navigate the purchase of replacement and spare wheel loader parts in the best way possible.

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Andy Broke the Rules Already...

It only took 2 newsletters before we had to break the mould and stray away from a band, which is coincidentally what this month’s chosen artist did plenty of times also…

After being a part of ‘The Spencer Davis Group, Blind Faith (with Eric Clapton), and Ginger Baker’s Air Force, Steve Winwood continued his illustrious career solo, delivering hit after hit in the pop rock scene over multiple decades. 

Steve’s incredible talent for creating catchy melodies led his song ‘Valarie’ (not the Amy Winehouse one) to be remixed by Swedish DJ Eric Prydz into ‘Call on Me’ which I can almost guarantee that you have heard (or seen) at least a few times. He is also the writer/creator of ‘Higher Love’ which Whitney Houston famously covered in the 90s.

Whether you are looking for the source materials of some seriously addicting songs, or simply want to delve into when music was at its finest, you can never go wrong with Steve Winwood (or Warehouse Andy’s music suggestions for that matter).

-your friend Andy (from the EagleXP Warehouse) 

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Rio Tinto Expected to Downsize to Autonomous 'Mosquito Fleets'

With Australia becoming the leader in the adoption of autonomous haul trucks in mining, it is no surprise that Rio Tinto is looking to replace all of large mining trucks at their Pilbara Mine with the new tech. Between 2020 and 2021, Australia saw the biggest growth in the usage of autonomous haul trucks in the world.

Autonomous haul trucks are typically electric, and allow for more sustainable, accurate and faster process of transporting mining payloads. Rio hopes this optimisation of their fleet will help reduce operating costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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