EagleXP Newsletter - December, 2022

Date Posted:9 December 2022 | Author: EagleXP  

Welcome to the EagleXP Newsletter - a short monthly snapshot of some things we find interesting in the world of heavy machinery, mining and construction... Enjoy!

  • Renewable Diesel: NSW Govt. and Lendlease fuel major construction sites sustainably [article]
  • CAT vs. Penguin: The life of a machinery operator in the Arctic [video]
  • Uranium Mining: You've heard what it's used for, but do you know how they get it? [podcast]
  • Andy's Music Pick: The 80's Buddy Holly reincarnation that you missed [music]


Sorry boss. Can't work today. Penguins.

Did you know that CAT heavy machinery and equipment were some of the first to explore the Arctic?

In the 1950s, a series of projects were conducted, requiring trustworthy and robust machinery. Fast-forward to 2022, we now have creators such as Matty (a New Zealand resident) using CAT machinery in Antarctica as his day job!

In this TikTok video, watch how workers in Antarctica are stopped in their tracks clearing a snowy worksite due to some cute, but feisty locals.

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Uranium Mining | Stuff You Should Know

Uranium is a radioactive element used predominantly in nuclear power stations and submarines to generate energy, as well as being a key ingredient in nuclear weaponry.

Given it's powerful and unpredictable nature, you may be wondering, how the heck do you even find this stuff, let alone mine it? Well, we've got the podcast for you.

Listen to Josh and Chuck from the 'Stuff You Should Know' podcast discuss the in's and out's of this fascinating process, as well as role Australia plays in its creation.

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Why Maintenance on Your Wheel Loaders & Heavy Machinery Should Be Paramount

We cannot stress how important performing proper maintenance on a wheel loader is to perpetuating the longevity of the machine.

Picture this, you are on the job site and notice a major fluid leak after operating your wheel loader. You might be tempted to say, "Nah mate, she'll be right” and delay the issue another day. In reality, the time saved using this approach is nothing compared to the snowballing costs of machinery downtime - let alone the safety issues...

So how do you avoid this? Grab your best promo pen and notepad, because in this article we go over all the crucial wheel loader maintenance points that will help you keep safe, on time and in budget. 

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Someday, Someway You'll Hear a Marshall Crenshaw Song

Now, we've had a few underrated artists and bands featured in this segment, but none more than the 1980's Buddy Holly reincarnation himself, Marshall Crenshaw.

Filled to the brim with catchy songs possessing serious radio playability, His self-titled album "Marshall Crenshaw" is often rated as one of the best from the 80's, let alone in the pop-rock genre.

With themes of chasing girls, cruising around and dancing all night long, Marshall's music will forever keep me nostalgic of the 'better days' when I did 2 out of 3 of those things...

If you're looking for a 'robbery' more serious than Australia's 2006 FIFA World Cup game against Italy, then the lack of mainstream success that this man received will certainly quench that thirst. Don't forget to give this one a listen, pal!

-your friend Andy (from the EagleXP Warehouse) 

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Renewable Diesel Fuelling Major Construction Sites in NSW

23% of global greenhouse gas emissions are contributed to construction, with a smaller, but significant portion of this being directly caused by the operation of construction machinery using traditional fuels.

In a bid to meet the net-zero emissions targets for 2050, the NSW Government and construction partner Lendlease have rolled out two cranes on major projects that run entirely off of renewable diesel fuel.

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