EagleXP Newsletter - March, 2023

Date Posted:21 March 2023 | Author: EagleXP  

Welcome to the EagleXP Newsletter - a short monthly snapshot of some things we find interesting in the world of heavy machinery, mining and construction... Enjoy!

  • New 3D Scanning Tech: Underground coal mining safety improvements [article] [article]
  • Long live the Doosan King: How every operator gets their start [TikTok]
  • Explosive Career Move: Everything you need to know about Chargers  [podcast]
  • Andy's Music Pick: Have you heard of this English progressive rock band? [music]

The Doosan King

That moment when the Boss finally lets you operate a heavy machinery vehicle, time seize the day!

Once the shovel is thrown, never look back.

To watch more of @doosantok, check out their profile to watch more hilarious and entertaining tiktoks of the team and their Doosan fleet.

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Looking for a New Explosive Career Move?

We all know that Shot Firers (also known as Chargers) deal with explosives, but how do you become one? What does the position require?

In this podcast, Tim Brunero invites Greg Braes to discuss what a Charger does, how the explosives are used in different crews and what steps must be taken to become qualified.

Greg works in the Metalliferous mines, which is different to Coal mining but they do share some similarities. Becoming a Shot Firer could potentially extend your career in the mining industry, find out more now!

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Extending the Lifespan of Hyundai Loader Parts

Have you ever wondered what the many ways you can do to extend the life of your Hyundai loader parts are? Look no further!

In this article, we provide tips and techniques that apply to all-wheel loaders. It may not cover every part specific to your machine as some techniques suggested may be more challenging based on its design.

However, it is best to keep them in mind, and you can be on your way to keeping your machine running for as long as possible.

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YES, I have heard of this Band

YES, is a British progressive rock band that formed in 1968. I recognized their song “Roundabout” from the viral “to be continued...” meme, which used to have me in stitches back then (I swear my humour has gotten better with time).

Besides that 2012 meme, the band is known for its complex and intricate music, featuring elements of classical music, jazz, and rock. They are also known for their use of elaborate stage setups and visuals during their live performances. 

Despite numerous lineup changes over the years, YES has maintained a reputation as one of the pioneers of the progressive rock genre and continue to perform and record music to this day.

-your friend Andy (from the EagleXP Warehouse) 

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3D Scanning for Underground Mining

New 3D scanning technology that is designed to remove more miners away from high-risk situations, working next to heavy machinery, a 16-kilometre-underground drive from the office controls.

These guys are literally mining coal all the way from the surface!

Within the next few years, this new advanced technology could eliminate the need for operators to work underground in dark and new environments, ultimately preventing serious injuries.

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