EagleXP Newsletter - January, 2023

Date Posted:16 January 2023 | Author: EagleXP  

Welcome to the EagleXP Newsletter - a short monthly snapshot of some things we find interesting in the world of heavy machinery, mining and construction... Enjoy!

  • Renewable Energy Solutions: Denmark assisting the Australian Mining Industry [article]
  • Excavator Exercise: 2018 Volvo commercial feat. Dolph Lundgren [video]
  • Bowen Basin History: How Judith changed a QLD community with a water bottle [podcast]
  • Andy's Music Pick: Discover this 70s experimental Canadian rock band [music]


Have you ever seen an Excavator do a pull up?

Volvo has grown from a small industry to one of the leading providers of products since 1927. Products such as trucks, construction equipment, drive systems for marine and industrial applications and so much more.

In this YouTube video, prepare yourselves to witness the sheer endurance and power that Volvo excavators have, no matter how small or mighty. Proving that Volvo heavy machinery (and their operators) are up to the challenge.

Featuring famous 80s Swedish Actor, Dolph Lundgren.

Even though we can never forgive him for defeating Apollo Creed, this commercial is a knockout!

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The History of Moura, QLD

It was the start of the Bowen Basins first ever open-cut mine and companies were after coke and coal for railways and domestic usage.

However, in the early days, living conditions were so bad that people were living in tents without power, running water or functional toilets.

Click the link below to hear the inspiring story of the 87-year woman who took on a mining giant, armed with only a bottle of water.

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Doosan Heavy Machinery: The Advantages and Disadvantages

Doosan construction equipment has a lifecycle that includes maintenance and repairs and, just like any other piece of heavy machinery, it will have its benefits and drawbacks

Regardless of where you start or what capabilities you might plan to expand your fleet of machines into, Doosan will have a machine to suit that purpose.

So how do you know if Doosan is going to be the best choice for you? Let's find out!

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Stop Listening to your 2022 Spotify Wrapped Playlist and Discover!

Formed in Toronto, Ontario, it’s the band that brought you “Tom Sawyer”. This month’s recommendation is none other than, Rush!

With lyrics heavily influenced by classical poetry, fantasy literature, science fiction, and even the writings of novelist Ayn Rand. The band's aim was to make music more interesting and more complex. As well as experimenting with twelve-string guitars, bass-pedal synthesizers and Minimoog.

The group was very diverse when it came to influence and with their personalities combined, it is what made 'Moving Pictures" one of their best albums.

-your friend Andy (from the EagleXP Warehouse) 

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Denmark Introducing Sustainability Solutions

The Australian Mining Industry is now in a race towards a decarbonised future and is always looking for new ways to become more sustainable.

But Denmark isn’t known for mining? Where do they come in?

With Denmark being one of the world’s leading countries when it comes to sustainability, they are now sharing their tactics with the Australian Mining industry.

To find out more about these solutions, click the link below!

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