Eagle export managing director   bill watt

Bill Watt ... “A focus on speed and professionalism coupled with access to our accredited network of suppliers are the cornerstones of the service we provide.”

In the beginning, EagleXP sourced and delivered spare parts for the civil construction and building industries throughout the Pacific Island region. We found that it was difficult to not only access internally, but also to deliver parts to PNG, particularly in more remote areas.

So the growth of our business can very much be attributed to the fact that we have developed systems and attracted accredited global supplier networks which enable us to respond extremely fast. We have developed logistical strategies and solutions so that our clients are not crippled by the costs of unnecessary downtime. Having supplied many of the same clients from the beginning, the EagleXP team is familiar with their businesses, and the pressures they are under to get heavy equipment and machinery operational as quickly as possible.

Staff are all acutely aware that often hundreds, thousands and sometimes even millions of dollars are at stake when our client's suffer downtime. For this reason, an important aspect of our service is to maintain clear and regular communications to our clients, because we know that this helps to reduce some of the stress at their end. 

"There is now more demand for a high level of professional service and communication than ever before," he said. "I believe the spare parts division of our business has grown in large part, due to frustration with some equipment dealers where service and communication has been found wanting.

"We are also securing a great deal of work in project procurement, not only for spare parts, but other materials as well. We have a particular expertise in camp set up, workshop set up, and can supply a wide range of products for civil construction, building, water, sewerage and aid projects.

"Every member of our team is well experienced in our industry, and can develop time and cost effective solutions for our clients as a matter of urgency.”